Adidas and Pokémon launch a special collaborative clothing line

Gotta buy 'em all.

Image via adidas

In collaboration with The Pokémon Company, Adidas has launched its new line of children’s clothing, which features the company’s logo and Pokémon side by side.

The collection, which features a handful of items like shirts, tracksuits, and children’s trainers, isn’t the most groundbreaking clothing to come out from the two companies. But it’s still a neat, yet weird, clothing line for Pokémon fans to add to their collection.

The best thing to come out of this whole collection is obviously the sneakers—two of which are on sale. One features a Pikachu on the side of the boot with pixel Pokémon inside, and the other includes various Pokémon on the back and a weird Pikachu-colored underlay.

The tracksuit is equally alluring due to its stripes of the first 151 pixelated Pokémon down each arm. It isn’t the most expensive item either, so it’s definitely worth picking up either for yourself or as a present for someone else.

Just remember though, the collaboration is mostly for kids, so those young adults or people like us that really want them in our own collections might have to give this one a miss, since there’s no way we are fitting in the clothing anytime soon.

There are a couple of adult T-shirts, but they are arguably the worst part of what’s on offer.