A Special Dynamax Crystal for Gigantamax Appletun and Flapped is being distributed in Europe

Get too it!

Starting today, lucky players in Europe will be able to get a Dynamax Crystal which guarantees the player a chance to fight against Gigantamax Pokémon in the Wild Area of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The Dynamax Crystal, also called ☆Sgr6913, will give you a different encounter depending on your region and is a one time use. If you use it in Sword you will be up against Appletun while in Shield you will go against Flapple.

This distribution is in Europe only and is a tie in for the release of the Battle Styles TCG set. The event runs from today until April 19th and the Crystal can only be gotten from specific locations in Europe.

These include:

GameMania (Online Store) – Belgium, Netherlands
Micromania (Online Store) – France
Gamestop (Online) – Italy

Currently there are no other places giving out the Crystal and with the COVID Pandemic, some countries might be unable to get it (for at least now) until stores open in the future.