Overwatch player creates new Zenyatta “Spartan Kick” game mode on the Workshop

This is...Overwatch?!

Zenyatta Spartan Kick
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch‘s newest feature, the Workshop, has enabled the game’s community to show off their amazing creativity with unique fan-made game modes.

One of the most fun game modes, though, revolves around Zenyatta, who launches opponents off the map with some super-charged kicks.

Aptly named “Sparta Mode,” for the iconic scene in the movie 300, the battle begins as a free-for-all between Zenyattas who look to kick their enemies off the map. Players are able to charge up their next kick by emoting while picking up powerups strewn across the map, which can be used to power kicks as well.

The game mode also allows you to sprint as Zenyatta, and use jump pads around the map for better mobility.

The creator of this mode—DarwinStreams—has made several cool Overwatch objects in Workshop. For example, he is the creator of the Torbjörn Gun, which turns Bastion rockets into homing Torbjörn projectiles that follow enemies around while hitting them with his hammer.

Additionally, Darwin also created the deployable Bastion turret, which replaces Torbjörn’s throwable turrets into Bastions that are in turret mode. You can even repair your trusty Bastion turrets should they get damaged by enemy fire.

Darwin has actually garnered a pretty big reputation on the Overwatch subreddit for being one of the more talented Workshop users on the site, and many people love the creations that he manages to come up with. It looks like he’s even tinkering with a possible Matrix-style game mode.