Wrecking Ball has a super cute Easter egg on Dorado


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Wrecking Ball, also known as Hammond, is cute. No one’s denying that. Not surprisingly, this extreme adorableness expands to the hamster hero’s Overwatch Easter eggs, a new one of which was found by Reddit user Owlero and uploaded to the site.

Using Wrecking Ball, Owlero played the Overwatch theme song using Dorado’s bells, three of which are on the spawn high ground. The fourth is over to the side—but who even knew there was a fourth? You can play the jingle like this, thanks to another Redditor: Two, one, two, three, one, three, four. (The first bell is on the left when looking out toward the bells and the rest are labeled from there.)

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TIL if you play the OW theme on Dorado’s bells, Hammond will sing along. from Overwatch

Once those notes are hit, Wrecking Ball will bust out in song himself. Naturally, it’s adorable.

Others on Reddit are wondering if this is something that other heroes will do, too, but it doesn’t seem like the case. So far, it’s only applicable to Wrecking Ball.

Wrecking Ball was added to Overwatch in late July. The hamster is a tank-based hero with high mobility. His place in the Overwatch meta is one of disruptability. He’s able to swing in and out of battle with great speed, making him a key choice for tank players who are looking to engage for their teams. Wrecking Ball’s abilities are essential in creating the space needed for teams to move in and attack.

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