Wrecking Ball disabled for 2022 Overwatch League opening weekend

Just write “hamster crashing servers” in the error report box.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Wrecking Ball has created plenty of problems in Overwatch, constantly rolling into enemy backlines and causing chaos everywhere he goes. The mischievous hamster has apparently been crashing Overwatch 2 beta servers, though, so he’s been uninvited from the Overwatch League’s opening weekend. 

Sean Miller, head of the Overwatch League, confirmed in a Twitter post today that Wrecking Ball will not be available for play during games this weekend. The fifth season of the league kicks off on May 5 at 2pm CT.  

“Turns out Wrecking Ball’s powers are a bit too strong for OWL servers too, so we’ll be disabling him for this weekend,” Miller said. 

Late on May 2, Wrecking Ball was disabled on the Overwatch 2 beta servers. Streamers like super and Infekted showed a game-breaking bug that involved Wrecking Ball grappling directly into the ground in a spawn room, specifically on Ilios. After doing this move for a second time, all members in an Overwatch 2 beta lobby would be removed from the game except for the Wrecking Ball player. 

Miller noted that Wrecking Ball will likely be available for play in the Overwatch League next week. The hamster has still not been re-enabled on Overwatch 2 beta servers at time of writing.

While this seems like a serious disadvantage, the plucky hamster would likely have not seen much play in West Region Overwatch League games anyway. In the beta, Wrecking Ball is often outpaced by heroes like Winston or D.Va. Teams who would be most likely to use the rolling tank are in the East Region, which will begin official play on May 20 after being delayed due to COVID concerns in Asia.    

The Overwatch League’s fifth season begins—sans Wrecking Ball—on May 5. 

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