This inventive Widowmaker strategy includes an unlikely object—a basketball

Is that Stephen Curry? Nope, it's Widowmaker.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players worship the basketball. A staple in spawn rooms, the basketball is what divides teams and pulls them apart. You’re lining up a shot and another Overwatch player kicks the ball out of the way—betrayal. But the basketball can inspire teamwork and strategy, pushing teams closer together.

That’s exactly what one illustrious Overwatch team did during a recent Quick Play match. Using Brigitte and a basketball, Widowmaker has a new movement strategy. It hasn’t quite been perfected just yet, but trick-shotters everywhere will likely go nuts with this one.

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Reddit user littlerunky posted the clip yesterday.

With the Widowmaker lined up with the basketball, the team counted down to get the timing right. Just as Widowmaker hooks the basketball, the Brigitte player takes a swipe at the ball, launching it into Nepal, where it bounces off a rooftop and flies toward the enemy spawn before crashing off a cliff—all while Widowmaker flails behind.

“In two weeks, someone will have perfected this as an opening headshot,” another Redditor joked.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely we’ll start seeing this play in Overwatch: littlerunky said it was hard to recreate consistently. But we can dream, right? Here’s the setup. Imagine Houston Outlaws player Jiri “LiNkzr” Masalin launching out of spawn and surprise attacking the New York Excelsior during an Overwatch League match. One headshot, two headshots, three headshots—now that’d be an Overwatch League–worthy opening snipe.