Overwatch’s maps are even more gorgeous viewed out-of-bounds

There's so much more to see.

Screengrab via Noobinabox

With a little tinkering, it’s possible to leave the confines of Overwatch’s maps.

There’s more to each map than what we see as we push payloads and capture points on Route 66 or Oasis. Each of Overwatch’s maps extends beyond just the playable area. Some of the detail is seen far off in the distance, but it’s not often we get a close up look or a sweeping view.

YouTube user Noobinabox put together a video as a way to “show just how beautiful the game is.” And yeah, it’s a gorgeous look at Overwatch from the outside.

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There are two parts to the video—the first of which is the grand view of Overwatch’s working parts set to mood music. After the tour of Overwatch’s hidden spaces ends, it video turns tutorial, showing just how Noobinabox and pals earned access to the out-of-bounds view.

To get out-of-bounds, Noobinabox and his group played on custom Overwatch matches with setting specifically tuned to have no cooldowns and low gravity. Using characters like Pharah and Mei, the group is able to launch themselves up and over Overwatch’s borders to access parts of the map we don’t often see.

The crew discovered more than just the beauty of Overwatch, too—some parts of the map left the team screaming, “Really, Blizzard?” There’s a portion of Oasis where cars speed through the city streets and off into the distance. What we don’t see is where these cars are actually going, but Noobinabox figured it out—they enter the tunnel only to fall to their doom.

H/T Kotaku