With a little work, you too could play Doomfist with boxing gloves

It's another Rudeism invention.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There are a few dangers in playing Overwatch with motion-controlled boxing gloves. The big one is punching out your computer screen.

Inventive Twitch streamer Rudeism has managed to stream Overwatch while playing Doomfist with a pair of bright red boxing gloves—you know, because Doomfist is all about punching. The gloves are controlled by motion; Rudeism just mimics Doomfist’s movement in-game to activate the abilities. A thumb stick inside the glove’s palm is used for steering.

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There are a few kinks in the whole production, but overall, it looks like a pretty fun—and tiring—way to play Overwatch. “It’s quite uncomfortable with the way my thumb is placed right now,” Rudeism said. That’s a bigger problem than how tiring it is, he added. Rudeism continued to tweak the gloves as the stream continued on. He’ll adjust even more on other streams, he added.

The Doomfist boxing glove setup is the latest in the streamer’s wacky inventions for playing Overwatch. He’s the guy behind the motion-controlled Lúcio glove, the Widowmaker baguette, the Doritos-controlled D.Va, and rocking horse Orisa. He’s notorious for his wild controllers, but he does a bunch of regular Overwatch streaming, too