When does PvE release in Overwatch 2?

Blizzard hasn't forgotten about the game's promised PvE segments.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

While June 16’s Overwatch 2 reveal event focused mostly on the changes and upgrades coming to the franchise’s well-known PvP action, the development team at Blizzard also shared some updates on when players can expect the promised PvE mode. Fans have been clamoring for a cooperative PvE experience ever since short PvE segments were included in Overwatch‘s Archives events.

The development team isn’t ready to share too much about the experience, but those who watched the reveal event were treated to some in-development gameplay footage and a few new details about what can be expected from the PvE. Overwatch 2’s long-term roadmap also revealed more about when players can team up and take out foes.

When will PvE release in Overwatch 2?

As of June 16’s reveal event, Overwatch 2’s PvE will release sometime in 2023. The PvP segment of the game will receive a lot of content prior to its release, including new heroes, new maps, new skins, and a new battle pass system that replaces the first game’s loot boxes. Players can also expect new PvP modes that increase the number of ways the game can be played.

In the reveal event, the developers mentioned that they want the PvE segment of Overwatch 2 to focus on story and narrative development. The team wants fans to be immersed in the world of Overwatch and to feel as though they’re going on a globe-trotting adventure with their favorite heroes. More concrete details will likely come after Blizzard has perfected PvP, so interested players will have to sit tight for more PvE news, including a more specific release date.