When does Overwatch competitive season 30 begin?

Fall brings the arrival of a milestone season for the competitive community.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Pumpkin spice lattes normally indicate the arrival of fall. But this year, a new Overwatch competitive season is showing up along with them. 

Each competitive season lasts exactly two months, giving players ample time to climb the ladder and rack up competitive points. Those points can be used for golden weapons, which don’t serve a strategic purpose but make your favorite heroes look extremely cool. 

Competitive season 29 began on July 2, 2021, and set off a summer full of the usual ladder shenanigans. No major updates came along with season 29, so players were left to run amok while trying to hop up a rank or two

High-ranked players were influenced by the Overwatch League’s metas, running with fast-paced compositions that revolved around heroes like Wrecking Ball, Ana, and Tracer. Lower-ranked players likely had to continue dealing with players who instantly lock Bastion and think it’s a good idea. 

On Sept. 2, competitive season 30 will officially launch around 12pm CT depending on developer scheduling. While this is a milestone season for the competitive community, no official changes or celebrations have been announced. A new season means additional chances to climb the ladder, but those Bastion players will likely still be around. 

Before the new season ticks over, be sure to complete those last few ranked games. Each rank achieved in a season leads to bonus competitive points, which are awarded at the end of the season. There will be no downtime between seasons, so season 30 will start immediately after season 29 concludes on Sept. 2.