Tracer – London Calling issue 4 is now live

The series is almost finished.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Tracer’s next comic adventure is out now. Tracer – London Calling issue four dropped on the Overwatch website today, meaning there’s only one issue left before the series concludes. 

This limited-run series takes place years after Overwatch had been disbanded and focuses on Tracer’s interactions with the intelligent robots known as Omnics who are struggling in the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis, with some falling into a life of crime. 

After the assassination of Omnic monk Tekhartha Mondattaz, Tracer is struggling with her failure to protect him and the response of the Omnics around her. In issue four, the former agent is dealing with more of the fallout while the humans and Omnic forces come closer to clashing. 

The short trailer on Twitter hints at yet another assassination attempt being planned, along with an injured Tracer.

You can read all four issues of Tracer – London Calling for free on the Overwatch website, along with dozens of other completed, limited-run stories. There’s no news yet on when physical editions of the comic will be available for purchase.