Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge is live in Overwatch

Earn an Epic skin inspired by the hero’s new lore.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

For the next few weeks, Overwatch fans will have fancy rewards to earn thanks to a new challenge event.

Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge, inspired by the short story “Stone by Stone,” begins on Nov. 17 and runs through Nov. 30. With nine wins, players can earn an Epic skin to add to their collection. 

In “Stone by Stone,” Symmetra is sent by her employer, Vishkar Corporation, to repair a statue destroyed by the company’s negligence. Zenyatta, traveling as a pilgrim in the temple, guides Symmetra toward a better understanding of the omnic race and her own place in the world. 

Zenyatta convinces Symmetra to spend several days as one of the pilgrims, taking care of the temple and providing service to the people of the city. Symmetra dons a “gold and rust” robe that all of the humble devotees wear. Even when her company’s officials come to the city to see her repair the statue, Symmetra remains in this gold robe to show respect to the temple. 

This robe is reflected in the Epic Marammat Symmetra skin, which can be unlocked by participating in Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge. Players can unlock the skin by winning nine games of Overwatch in quick play, competitive, or arcade mode by Nov. 30. 

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Along the way, players can also unlock extra bonuses. After three wins are accumulated, fans earn a new player icon. With six wins, players unlock a new spray to use within the game. 

Players can unlock bonus sprays by watching streamers on Twitch through Nov. 30. Every two hours of viewing time, up to six hours, fans will unlock another exclusive spray. In all, there are three new sprays to collect by watching partnered streamers during the event’s duration.

Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge runs from Nov. 17 to 30. Be sure to earn the skin while the event is active. There are, so far, no other opportunities to earn challenge skins after the event ends.


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