Symmetra, Sigma, and Zarya top win rate charts in Overwatch’s competitive season 18

But not for long.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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The three Overwatch heroes with the highest winrate of the first week of competitive season 18 are also the three set to be nerfed in the upcoming update.

Symmetra, Zarya, and Sigma are dominating competitive matches at all ranks, according to statistics website Overbuff and a comparative chart made by OWLimbo. Sigma and Zarya are among the top three tanks with the highest win rates across all ranks, while Symmetra is the top offensive character in all ranks but Master, where she’s second.

Sigma’s been a bit too strong since his release. He was an important pick in nearly all Overwatch League playoff matches last week due to his moving shield and many options of effective and easy-to-use crowd control abilities. That’s why he’s so dominant even in low levels of play such as Bronze.

Zarya is a great frontliner in this meta due to her ability to absorb enemy damage and convert it into her own. Since her beam width grows with the energy she gets from that absorption, the more she tanks, the more damage she deals and the easier it gets to track opponents with her beam.

Symmetra is just broken for some players. She had an overall 57-percent win rate throughout week one, which is way too much if we think a “balanced” hero should be near 50. It’s easy to hit opponents with her beam, maybe easier than it is with Zarya, and her map-wide shield ultimate is too strong in this shield meta.

But their reign will soon be over. The beam width of Symmetra and Zarya will both be reduced, and Sigma’s overall damage will decrease in the next update. These changes are on the Overwatch test server, which means they aren’t confirmed to go live yet.

But with the insane stats of this trio, these nerfs are welcome.