Speedrunners are completing Overwatch’s Storm Rising event in under 6 minutes

It's time to get into the grind.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment.

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Teams of speedrunners have been playing Overwatch over the last few days to try to complete the game’s latest PVE event, Storm Rising, as quickly as possible.

In the All Heroes category for the event, four players have managed to rush through the PVE mode in just under six minutes using a mix of Bastion, Zenyatta, Widowmaker, and Hanzo on the lowest game difficulty. You can check out the video yourself here.

A speedrunner’s positioning in some of the later stages and use of their ultimates were key to shredding down some of the more annoying enemies. Since some NPCs can spawn randomly throughout a stage, the team needed to have eyes on all areas so at least one of them could take down a wave of enemies to swiftly progress through each level.

This trend follows previous years where speedrunners completed other PVE events, like Retribution, in an effort to get their names engraved on the leaderboards before the event comes to a close.

Overwatch speedruns don’t stop there, either—players have speedrun a ton of different modes and objectives since its release in the hopes of becoming a world record holder. Overwatch’s tutorial, for example, has over 100 runs on Speedrun.com, with the world record sitting at under four minutes.