Sleighing D.Va revealed for 2021 Overwatch Winter Wonderland event

Let the sleigh puns commence.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Former pro gamer and current mech expert D.Va is known for her snappy style and adorable outfits, so it’s only fitting that she gets a festive look for Overwatch’s 2021 Winter Wonderland event. 

Sleighing D.Va, a new Legendary skin, will drop with the event when it begins on Dec. 16

D.Va’s mech, normally decked out in pink paint and several sparkly sponsorship stickers, has been transformed into a sleigh for the holidays. The mech is now red with green and gold details and even has a wreath hanging on the back. We’re honestly surprised it doesn’t have reindeer horns, at this rate. 

The pilot herself dons an A-line dress with lots of fur, festive plaid patterns, and big bows. D.Va’s mascot, the adorable bunny, is represented by some embroidered winter friends on her dress. She’s even gone for the candy-cane stockings and blonde hairdo to fully embrace the idea of a Pinterest-perfect winter outfit. 

This is the first skin announced for the 2021 Winter Wonderland event, which was briefly delayed from its anticipated start date of Dec. 14. 

Most of Overwatch’s 2021 events have included five new Legendary skins, which cost 3,000 gold and are the rarest skins, and three Epic skins that can be unlocked through completing weekly challenges. 

We’ll see what’s on the cosmetics menu when the Winter Wonderland event begins on Dec. 16.