San Francisco Shock’s Viol2t releases apology for using ableist slurs

The Shock player was fined and suspended after using ableist slurs in a public match earlier this week.

Photo by Ben Pursell via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League flex support Park “Viol2t” Min-ki released an apology today for his abusive behavior after receiving a fine and suspension from the San Francisco Shock earlier this week.

The suspension came after an incident where he told another player to “kill yourself” in a public match in early July. Then, on July 27, Viol2t accosted another player on the competitive ladder using ableist slurs in the text chat.

The Shock organization apologized on his behalf earlier this week, but Viol2t expounded on that apology in a TwitLonger this morning.

“Even if someone is bad, I should not say bad words like rexxrd or kxs,” Viol2t said. “I am so so sorry for using those words. I am so sorry for the fans and team. I did something unprofessional. This week, I will deeply reflect on the words and come back with a more professional [outlook].”

But Viol2t used the rest of the TwitLonger to explain why, in his opinion, the player he flamed deserved his ire. Viol2t explained, in some detail, that he was angry at the player for playing Brigitte and Mercy poorly, ultimately leading to Viol2t flaming him while liberally using ableist slurs. Of course, a teammate playing poorly doesn’t justify accosting them with offensive language or toxic behavior.

“And I am not a robot guys… please please, someone understand me… I know my personality was bad,” Viol2t said. “Let me fix my personality.”

Due to his week-long suspension, Viol2t won’t be allowed to play in this weekend’s upcoming match against the Houston Outlaws. Presumably, moth will replace him in the Shock’s lineup for that series.