Roaring on: Seoul Dynasty team preview

The team may finally become a real dynasty in 2020 thanks to a few new additions to their roster.

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Despite setbacks over their two years in the Overwatch League, the Seoul Dynasty continues to roar on. Once considered the pinnacle of Overwatch talent thanks to its core of Lunatic Hai players, the team looks a little different in 2020.

As the only team to be based in South Korea, the Dynasty suddenly became a hot commodity for the league’s many native players. Seoul saw an influx of veteran talent that may boost their bottom line, mostly from an exodus of London Spitfire players. 


One of the biggest trades of the year saw former London Spitfire star main tank Hong “Gesture” Jae-hee move to the Seoul Dynasty with a few of his talented teammates. Gesture was a large part of the London Spitfire’s 2018 championship run. He’ll bring stable and consistent leadership to the Dynasty as well.

The other main tank, Hwang “Marve1” Min-seo, has plenty to be proud of after a phenomenal showing for the Dynasty last season. Choi “Michelle” Min-hyuk returns as an off-tank for the team. 


After flex support Ryu “Ryujehong” Je-hong left the Dynasty for the Vancouver Titans, many fans were worried that his longtime support duo Yang “Tobi” Jin-mo would follow in his footsteps. Luckily for the team, Tobi isn’t going anywhere. The veteran player and leader will remain in the main support role alongside Kim “Creative” Young-wan as a flex support. Creative was promoted from the Seoul Dynasty’s Overwatch Contenders Korea team, Gen.G Esports.   

He was one of the latest signings of the offseason, but former London Spitfire flex support Choi “Bdosin” Seung-tae also decided to join his former teammates as a part of the Dynasty. Bdosin has historically shined as a part of the Spitfire, playing a devastating Zenyatta or Ana. 


The 2018 London Spitfire steamrolled through many of their opponents before taking the inaugural season championship. A good portion of that dominance came from Park “Profit” Joon-yeong’s oppressive DPS play. He now brings his talents to Seoul and will likely see considerable starting time. With broad hero expertise and insane mechanics, he’s an excellent pickup for Seoul. 

Both remaining Seoul DPS players, Kim “Fits” Dong-eon and Park “Illicit” Jae-min, played for the team last season. While they’ve struggled to attain the star power of a player like Profit, they held their own against other monster DPS in the league. As a part of a stable roster setup, they can absolutely perform alongside their veteran teammates.  

2020 outlook 

Seoul has already completed the easy part of the 2020 season by acquiring new talent that will likely terrify other teams in the Pacific East division. Now, the team’s coaches and managers have to bring their former roster together with the London Spitfire’s greatest escapees. If management can use the innate talent on their roster while maintaining some sort of balance, Seoul may finally have a chance to make it to the Overwatch League finals. 

The Seoul Dynasty season officially begins at their homestand, which runs from March 7 to 8. The team will face the Los Angeles Gladiators at 4am CT on March 7. The Dynasty may play matches prior to this date, though, since they’ve volunteered to host make-up matches for the five canceled Chinese homestands in Seoul.


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