Report: Changes to Orisa, Doomfist, impressions of Sojourn in Overwatch 2 detailed

We could be looking at some major changes coming to familiar heroes.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The closed beta for Overwatch 2 begins on April 26, giving players their first hands-on experience of the new gameplay, maps, heroes, and more. Overwatch pros and popular members of the community currently have access to the sequel’s alpha, and it seems some unrevealed information regarding hero changes has been made public.

As reported by GGRECON, its sources with access to the game’s alpha provided them with details regarding a complete rework to Orisa, as well as impressions of Sojourn, the newest hero. The sources also detailed a rework to Doomfist, which was confirmed in the Overwatch 2 developer livestream earlier today.

Orisa’s rework, which was hinted at during today’s livestream, appears to completely shift her status as the main tank to an off-tank. The source detailed that the only ability she retains from Overwatch is Fortify, which now also gives her bonus HP. She supposedly has a new ability called Energy Spear, “which knocks opponents back upon hit and deals additional damage when shoving them into a wall”—similar to Doomfist. Another new ability of hers is called Spear Spin, which will destroy projectiles in front of her while granting her bonus movement speed and shoving enemies.

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Orisa seems to also have a new ultimate known as Terra Lance. This ability creates a gravity well similar to Zarya that pulls enemies into Orisa, while also giving her immunity to crowd control. The source also said this ultimate can be charged, allowing it to deal more damage to impacted enemies.

Sojourn, the new damage hero joining the cast of Overwatch 2, appears to be very powerful in the current state of the alpha. Multiple sources told GGRECON that she not only deals massive damage in little time but also has access to slows and “power sliding,” which grants her improved mobility.

Doomfist’s rework was teased in today’s Overwatch 2 developer livestream, though these sources also gave specific details as to what exactly is being changed in his shift to the tank role. His HP has supposedly been adjusted, as well as damage decreased across his kit. His Uppercut and Seismic Slam have been merged into one ability, which follows the logic detailed in the stream today of crowd control being heavily pushed for the tank role only.

Fans can look forward to participating in the Overwatch 2 closed beta on PC on April 26. Registration is currently live on the official Overwatch website.