Reinhardt is currently disabled on the Overwatch test server

He'll be re-instated soon.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch developer Blizzard has disabled Reinhardt on the game’s test server, developer Bill Warnecke said on the game’s forum over the weekend. But the good news? He’ll be welcomed back to the game soon—hopefully today.

Blizzard has been busy working through updates that were issued on the PTR last week, the most noteworthy of which is an overhaul for Torbjörn. Torbjörn’s got a few new tools in his kit, which Blizzard hopes will increase his viability in Overwatch’s meta. (Previously, he was a niche pick who wasn’t used too often.) Other hero changes were implemented on the test server, too. But Reinhardt? He just got disabled due to “a server crash that can happen when he’s used,” Warnecke wrote on the forum.

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Another Blizzard representative posted to the forum later, reiterating Warnecke’s initial statements. “We have a fix for this issue locally and hope to update the PTR with it on Monday/early next week,” the representative wrote. As of writing, Reinhardt has not been enabled on the test server.

Last week, Overwatchi game director Jeff Kaplan spoke to the community about upcoming changes. Kaplan mentioned the large swath of hero adjustments, as well as the return of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event. Details are still slim on the event, but we can expect it to begin in early October, as it usually does. As always, new skins are expected, including one hero as Junkenstein’s Bride. (Kaplan is letting us speculate as to who, exactly, that is.)