Ramattra’s gameplay revealed in Overwatch 2 trailer

"I will break before I yield."

New hero Ramattra.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A new tank is heading to Overwatch 2 alongside the upcoming season planned for Dec. 6, and his abilities look scary. Ramattra’s gameplay was revealed in a video trailer earlier today, showing his weapon and abilities.

The video shows a shield ability similar to Sigma’s, as well as abilities revolving around form-changing. Similarly to Bastion, Ramattra can temporarily transform to focus on either shielding himself or dealing damage to the enemies. Overall, he looks like a versatile addition to the tank’s roster.

Here is what we learned in Ramattra’s gameplay reveal video in Overwatch 2.

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Ramattra’s gameplay in Overwatch 2

The gameplay shown in the video trailer wasn’t entirely new, since the upcoming hero’s abilities previously leaked through PR documents.

It has confirmed that information, however, and showed how they will look like in game, including more details on their range and other details on how to use his abilities.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

First, Ramattra is now confirmed to be a shield tank. His primary fire is similar to Sigma’s: you can fire streams of projectiles using left click, and generate a shield with right click. It doesn’t look like it can move once put up, however.

His alternate mode is called Nemesis and it lasts around eight seconds. It reduces damage taken, but only from the front side, and it reduces the movement speed. It can be used when Ramattra is receiving heavy damage from an ultimate or when he has low HP.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Additionally, Ramattra has some utility in the form of the Vortex of Gluttony, which generates a large circle where enemies are pulled to the ground, which makes it highly effective against every hero who can fly or jump high.

His ultimate, called Destruction, is pretty straightforward: it switches Ramattra’s form to Nemesis and deals damage all around him for a short while. Its effect can last longer, however, if the hero is dealing damage to enemies.

Based on those abilities, Ramattra seems to be a strong counter to heroes who are dominating the meta. There are a lot of jumping characters, such as Sojourn and Baptiste, who are particularly strong in Overwatch 2‘s first season. Overall, the upcoming hero could be a strong addition to the game’s roster of tanks, due to a large versatility.

More information on Ramattra are likely to be revealed in the coming week. The hero will release on Overwatch 2‘s second saison, which is set to release on Dec. 6.