Poolside Ashe skin revealed for Overwatch Summer Games

It includes the B.O.B. bathing suit we never knew we needed.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Summer Games event will kick off on July 20—and, as usual, Ashe and B.O.B. are here to bring the heat. 

Poolside Ashe, a Legendary skin, is the newest skin to be revealed for the tropically-tinged event. As far as event skins go, this one is guaranteed to be an instant classic. 

Ashe is typically buttoned up in her Deadlock Gang attire, but this Poolside skin allows her to kick back a little and have fun. She’s decked out in a red bikini, tropical sarong, and a big floppy hat. Her long white hair has also been dyed pink for a little pizzazz. Interestingly, Ashe has pool floaties attached to her arms too. Is it an aesthetic choice or can Ashe really not swim? 

As is standard with Ashe’s skins, her Big Omnic Butler ends up being the real star. B.O.B. is fully decked out for summer in the Poolside Ashe skin, sporting a flamingo float hat, part of a life vest, and stylish sunglasses. Not one to miss an opportunity to show off his toned robot physique, B.O.B. has also opted to wear a crop top and a Speedo bathing suit. “Hot girl summer” applies to everyone, folks. 

This Legendary skin will only be available during the Overwatch Summer Games event, which begins on July 20 and runs through Aug. 10. The skin can be acquired in Summer Games loot boxes or purchased for 3,000 gold.