Overwatch World Cup committees have been chosen

Here's who made the cut.

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

Voting for the Overwatch World Cup committees ended yesterday. Today, committees for all 24 participating teams have been announced.

“After two phases of voting across two months, the competition committees for the Overwatch World Cup have been finalized,” Blizzard wrote on its Overwatch World Cup blog. “Each includes a general manager, coach, and a community lead, who will collectively make decisions regarding each national team’s roster, management, and promotion.”

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All Overwatch players from their respective countries voted for the community lead, while only each country’s top 150 players from Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC voted for coaches. Blizzard chose each team’s general manager.

Here’s a selection of the results. (Full results are available on the Overwatch World Cup website.)

United States

  • GM: Scott “Bearhands” Tester, former NYXL general manager
  • Coach: Aaron “Aero” Atkins, Dallas Fuel coach
  • Community Lead: Analynn Dang, Los Angeles Gladiators social media manager

South Korea

  • GM: Kyu-hyung “YongBongTang” Hwang, Overwatch commentator
  • Coach: Hyeon-sang “Pavane” Yu, NYXL coach
  • Community Lead: Hyuna “Flowervin” Lee, RunAway manager

United Kingdom

  • GM: Tom “Stylosa” Stewart, Overwatch personality
  • Coach: Elliott Hayes, Philadelphia Fusion coach
  • Community Lead: Philip “ChipSa” Graham, Overwatch streamer and pro player


  • GM: Qiong “Tutu” Li, Overwatch commentator
  • Coach: Xingrui “RUI” Wang, former Shanghai Dragons coach
  • Community Lead: Tsungyu “Xiaogui” Huang, Overwatch caster

The next step in the Overwatch World Cup selection process is for these committees to start roster tryouts. Tryouts begin on June 1, and selections must be submitted to Blizzard between June 15 and July 5. Committees will reveal their rosters as they’re selected.