Twitch is giving away more free Overwatch loot boxes

Two are golden loot boxes, two are specifically for Wrecking Ball.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard and Twitch are giving away free Overwatch loot boxes.

Twitch Prime members will be able to redeem two free Wrecking Ball loot boxes today. The hero-specific loot boxes are new to the Twitch Prime deal, offering up four random items for Overwatch’s newest tank hero. The Wrecking Ball loot boxes are available for Twitch Prime members until Sept. 3. In September and October, Twitch Prime users will be able to snag a golden loot box each month.

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Each golden loot box contains at least one legendary-grade item, something that’s a pretty big deal in Overwatch. Regular loot boxes only guarantee an item of rare or higher quality.

Overwatch players that already have Twitch Prime accounts just have to get a code from Twitch and redeem it on the Blizzard website. The loot boxes will appear on your account when you sign into Overwatch. Players with multiple Twitch Prime accounts can’t stack loot boxes, though; you’ll just have to spread the love around to friends.

Codes will expire after three months, so don’t wait too long. If your Twitch Prime account isn’t linked to your account, you can find instructions online. And if you don’t have Twitch Prime at all, you’ll have to sign up to get the loot boxes.

Blizzard is also hosting a free weekend to celebrate Wrecking Ball’s launch. All 28 Overwatch heroes are available in Quick Play, the Arcade, and custom games from July 26 to 30.