Wrecking Ball is live in Overwatch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC players

He's here!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There’s a hamster in Overwatch now.

Yep, Blizzard finally uploaded its newest tank hero, Wrecking Ball, to Overwatch’s live server after almost a month on the PTR. Wrecking Ball, also known as Hammond, is a genetically-modified hamster who once lived on the moon with an Overwatch hero you’ve already heard a lot about—Winston. Both heroes were part of the Horizon Lunar Colony research program; Hammond escaped the moon in a pod attached to Winston’s escape ship.

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He crash landed in Junkertown, and is about to cause chaos in your Overwatch matches. (Just Quick Play, the Arcade, and Custom games, though—Wrecking Ball will stay out of Competitive Play for a bit, per Blizzard rules.)

Wrecking Ball looks a bit different since his entrance into the Overwatch PTR. A nerf earlier in July targeted his grappling claw movement speed. Other changes came later, and Blizzard is hoping he’s looking a bit more balanced.

Here’s a breakdown of his abilities.

Ability Overview

Quad Cannons

Wrecking Ball fires machine guns


Wrecking Ball transforms into a sphere with increased speed

Grappling Claw

While in Roll mode, Wrecking Ball can launch a short grappling hook to attach to surfaces, swing around, clear gaps, and move upwards. Using this ability allows Wrecking Ball to gain momentum, dealing damage and knocking back enemies upon impact

Minefield (ultimate)

Wrecking Ball litters the ground around him with damage-dealing proximity mines

Adaptive Shield

Grants Wrecking Ball a number of temporary shields based on the number of enemies nearby


Wrecking Ball slams down from the air, pulling enemies towards the center of impact and dealing damage