Overwatch’s 2018 Summer Games have begun

Break out your swim trunks and sports gear.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Summer Games kicked off at 1pm CT on Aug. 9, bringing a whole slew of new cosmetics to the Blizzard first-person shooter.

Not only that, but Blizzard introduced a new Lúcioball map set in Busan, South Korea, to coincide with the return of Lúcioball and Copa Lúcioball, the competitive iteration of the popular game mode.

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Blizzard confirmed that Overwatch’s seasonal summer event would return last week, and has been tweeting skin teasers in the lead-up to the event. It’s finally time to unlock the goods, staking out elusive Legendary skins in Overwatch’s loot boxes or just buying them outright with Overwatch credits. Legendary skins cost 3,000 Overwatch credits, so we hope you’ve been saving up.

With the event’s kickoff, a new competitive season of Copa Lúcioball has begun. Players that complete their placement matches for the competitive game mode will earn special rewards. For players that want to test their skills even further, Blizzard and collegiate esports group Tespa are hosting a Copa Lúcioball tournament open to any current North American college students. The three-on-three tournament will be held online from Aug. 11 to 12, with $300 Blizzard Battle.net bucks up for grabs for the winning team.

Registration for the Copa Lúcioball tournament is open now on the Tespa website. A full schedule of events is available online.

Anyone else is relegated to the competitive ladder. There’s no money on the line, but the chance to unlock Overwatch’s stunning summer skins is a pretty good reward.