Zenyatta is getting a baseball-themed skin in the Overwatch Summer Games event

We're just one day out from the Summer Games event.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Another new skin for Overwatch’s Summer Games event has been revealed. This time, it’s for Zenyatta.

Blizzard has been tweeting out sneak peeks at its new Summer Games skins since the Overwatch event was announced last week. Yesterday, the developer showcased Lacrosse Roadhog, and today’s skin is even more exciting. “Hit a home run headshot with Fastball Zenyatta (Legendary)” Blizzard wrote on the official Overwatch Twitter account. “Join us in Busan for Summer Games, kicking off Aug. 8.”

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Blizzard gave Zenyatta a string of baseballs around his neck, one for each of his orbs. It’s not going to feel great to get hit with one of those! His jersey is blue, with “Iris” scribbled across the front. Jersey number? That’s 94.

Ahead of today’s skin release, Blizzard has shown off new skins for D.VaReinhardt, and Winston, too. All of the Legendary skins teased on Twitter will cost 3,000 Overwatch credits when the Summer Games event unlocks on Aug. 9, unless you’re able to grab one in the event’s loot boxes.

Overwatch’s Summer Games event doesn’t have an exact kick-off time, but players can expect it to be unveiled around 1pm CT. Blizzard never confirms its start times ahead of events, but 1pm CT is a pretty standard release window for Overwatch updates. Alongside the event, Lúcioball and Copa Lúcioball, both with a brand-new map set in Busan, South Korea, will return for the duration of Overwatch’s Summer Games.