D.Va’s new Legendary skin from Overwatch’s Summer Games 2018 event is beautiful

Get it, girl.

Screengrab via @PlayOverwatch

Nothing says summer quite like riding the waves, and that’s the inspiration behind D.Va’s new Legendary skin set to release alongside next week’s Summer Games event in Overwatch.

It’s called Waveracer, and it has Hana Song decked out in a very summery outfit with pink short shorts, heart-shaped sunglasses, and a life preserver vest. She’s looking as good as ever, but so is her mech.

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D.Va’s mech has a white and blue paint job with some pink accents, and don’t forget the flowers. This mech is ready to surf the waves of Ilios and look good while doing it.

The skin is a Legendary, so it will likely be available to purchase for 3,000 credits unless you get lucky enough to pull it out of a loot box. Those pesky event loot boxes!

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This is the first skin revealed from the event next week, so expect more in the coming days. Summer Games 2018 kicks off on Aug. 9, bringing back the fan-favorite Lúcioball event and a ton of new customization items, like the skin above.