Endorsements and Looking for Group features are coming to Overwatch

Jeff Kaplan outlined new plans in a Developer Update.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Two new social features are coming to Overwatch—endorsements and looking for group. Both have just been added to the Overwatch test server.

Endorsements are a way for players to support each other for good behavior in-game. “Recognize commendable behavior for sportsmanship, being a good teammate, or for shot calling,” Blizzard wrote in the patch notes. Endorsements are viewable on the Career Profile menu or the Groups menu.

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Players that maintain a high endorsement level will get “periodic rewards,” Blizzard said. Those that show negativity in-game will build up suspensions and have their endorsements removed. Commendations can go to enemies or allies in three categories: sportsmanship, good teammate, and shot caller.

Looking for Group is designed as a way for players to better find teammates to play with. “Join a team of other like-minded players or lead a group of your own by creating a group with your personal preferences such as game mode, role enforcement, and more,” Blizzard wrote.

Competitive modes can be set through the Looking for Group feature, too. Specifications chosen for the Looking for Group feature will be activated in Overwatch matches, so if you designated roles, those will be enforced. (Players who choose support in role queue will be restricted to only support heroes, for example.)

All of these features are on the Overwatch test server now, but there’s no specific timeline for this patch to hit the live server. It’s a big one, so it could be there for a while.