There could be more to Lúcio and Symmetra’s relationship than meets the eye

New interactions added in the Overwatch Anniversary patch give us some clues.

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Overwatch hero interactions are seeping lore details into the game, bit by bit. The Overwatch Anniversary 2018 patch added a ton of them. Lobby interactions aren’t strictly canon, according to Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu—some of the Overwatch cast members haven’t met, but we can learn a bit from the new drops.

It’s safe to assume that the sentiments expressed are based in truth. Analyzing voice line interactions in Overwatch has to be considered in this context, but we can parse some meaning from certain lines. As for the Overwatch Anniversary patch, we learn a bit more about Lúcio and Symmetra’s ties to the Vishkar Corporation, as spotted by Heroes Never Die.

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When Vishkar Corporation got a contract to redevelop Lúcio’s community in Brazil, Lúcio stole the company’s sonic technology to bring the group to action. But in a voice line interaction with Mercy, we learn that it was Lúcio’s father that developed the sonic technology. He was stealing back his father’s work. “The core tech was his life’s work,” Lúcio says. “Owned and patented by Vishkar, but it’s mine now.” (Lúcio also wears hard-light rollerskates; it’s unclear if he got that technology from Vishkar, too.)

Symmetra’s involvement in Vishkar has caused the two to butt heads in the past—she’s a hard-light architect for the company, a mega-corporation that creates new communities built with advanced technology. She’s not shy about expressing her distaste for Lúcio in a newly-added voice line. “Vishkar’s using you, just like they used my father,” Lúcio says. “You just wait. You’ll see.”

Symmetra responds: “Your father was a Vishkar employee. He understood our company’s vision. A shame he never educated you.”

The lines bring up further questions about Lúcio’s life. Where’s his father? Has he died? It’s still not entirely clear, either, if Symmetra and Lúcio have actually ever met. As Chu said in 2017, voice lines aren’t strictly canon.

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