Overwatch’s Ana and Genji got two new skins in HotS—and they’re badass

The skins are part of the Viper Ascendant event.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Two Overwatch heroes have badass new skins in Heroes of the Storm.

Ana and Genji are getting new skins as part of the Blizzard MOBA’s new Viper Ascendant event. Lore around the Ana and Genji skins transforms the two Overwatch heroes into terrorist organization operatives that lead “the united world government’s leadership and military arm” to ensure “the populace remains complacent by stamping out insurrections wherever they may take root.”

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Brutal, y’all.

Heroes of the Storm’s Stukov also got a new skin in the event. The teaser video ends with a character throwing a punch at a screen, and Heroes of the Storm fans think it’s a teaser for a new hero. Many believe it could be another Overwatch character joining the MOBA game—maybe Soldier: 76. There is a photo of a little girl hanging off the screen, but the community isn’t sure who that is. Either way, we’re expecting a confirmation from Blizzard soon.

Details of the event are unclear, but the video does show off a new mount and skin variants for the Viper skins, one of which gives Ana long, blonde hair.

There are currently eight Overwatch heroes in Heroes of the Storm—D.Va, Genji, Lúcio, Tracer, Hanzo, Junkrat, Ana, and Zarya. There are a couple Overwatch references elsewhere in Heroes of the Storm, including images of Mei, Tracer, and Widowmaker on Tychus skins and a Widowmaker skin for Nova. Two mounts, Orochi and Busan Police, are references to Overwatch skins that required players to boot up Heroes of the Storm.