Overwatch’s most popular Workshop mode is fighting game Overfighter

Turn Overwatch into a fighting game.

Overwatch PTR update
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard fans seem to love the idea of a fighting game with Overwatch characters.

Overfighter, created by player Darwin, is the most popular Overwatch Workshop game mode in the world, developer Keith Miron has revealed. This mode turns Overwatch into a fighting game with a three-dimensional arena like Tekken and Soul Calibur, putting characters to fight one-on-one battles in best-of-three sets. Despite Blizzard showing it’s the most successful mode in the Workshop, the company refrained from mentioning how many people played it.

You can play this mode by using the code Z5XK2.

Overfighter beat other famous modes such as an aim trainer, an RPG, and one inspired by Super Smash Bros. in all Overwatch servers to become the top Workshop mod.

Blizzard said 152,000 players have collectively created over 290,000 unique Workshop codes, and over 4.6 million players have joined a match in a game mode created on Workshop. It’s unclear if Blizzard is adding players who joined its own Workshop-made modes like Hero Gauntlet to this number.

The Overwatch Workshop is Blizzard’s attempt to let players develop their own game modes and prototypes. The company first added it to the Public Test Realm on April 24, where fans can make their own creations and share them with other players. Its definitive version with several bug fixes came to the live servers a month later, on May 21. Blizzard has since then been fixing bugs and adding new features to the tool.

The company took player-made modes and optimized them to release by itself as an Arcade mode, which was what happened to Hero Gauntlet. Several fans tried to develop the concept of this mode where you would win if you got one elimination with each Overwatch hero, and you would swap automatically once you got a kill with your current one. After several players attempted and failed to make it work properly, Blizzard released its official Hero Gauntlet mode.

Overfighter is a unique Overwatch mode that very few players succeeded in making, but Blizzard still has the power to either make it a featured Arcade mode or do the same it did to Hero Gauntlet and optimize it. If that’s the plan, Blizzard has yet to say so publicly.