Overwatch’s latest hero teaser raises more questions than it answers

A mysterious lab accident may be the next hero's origin story.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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Overwatch continues to tease its next hero—this time, with a bang.

The latest clue about the game’s universe comes in the form of a short audio log, presumably involving Dr. Mina Liao, one of Overwatch’s founding members.

The partial audio recording shows a panicking woman, presumably Dr. Liao, advising their coworkers to run to safety. “Stay down,” she yells as she’s interrupted by an unidentified explosion.

The teaser in itself doesn’t reveal much, but it helps thicken the plot and create a taste for what’s to come. Coupled with yesterday’s teaser, it helps shed some light on the mystery.

The previous clue took the shape of a journal entry by Dr. Liao. The log mentions a “new project” that will reshape society’s perception of omnics—Overwatch‘s take on robots. Liao believes that artificial life is “still fundamentally life” and strongly disagrees with the violence and oppression against the mechanical beings.

“I can only hope that this project can change the conversation,” the journal entry reads.

Based on the past two teasers, Blizzard seems to be leading up to another omnic hero. Many people believe it could be Echo, a familiar character for some Overwatch fans.

The omnic made her debut in the 2018 animated short, “Reunion.” The community expected her to be released as hero 29, but that place ultimately went to Ashe. Echo features prominently in promotional material for Overwatch 2 and her presence in the sequel is confirmed. It’s possible, however, that she could be making an early debut.

Unlike its predecessor, the latest teaser doesn’t really answer big questions or leave blatant hints toward a certain direction, but it contributes to building the suspense. Echo’s release is anticipated, but not confirmed. For now, all fans can do is speculate and wait.