Overwatch vs. Overwatch 2: All the differences we know so far

"Cut from the same cloth."

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The wait for Overwatch 2 has been a long one for franchise fans, but it’s finally, slowly coming to an end. With the game’s beta going live on April 26, the hype levels are rapidly increasing, making fans wonder about the most impactful changes they’ll get to see in their new playgrounds.

Overwatch 2 looks to improve the gameplay experience while adding new content, which can help draw in new players. Though Overwatch and OW2 players will be able to play side-by-side, there are elements that will convince some to upgrade.

Story campaign with co-op capabilities

One of Overwatch 2’s biggest selling points is its campaign. The players will be able to learn more about the game lore through the eyes of agents. The co-op option will allow players to enjoy some of the best stories that Overwatch 2 offers alongside their friends, which can further improve the overall experience.

Hero missions

Leveling up a character can be fun progress, but you may find yourself making more bad plays as you’re learning the ropes. That’s where hero missions will come into play. These encounters will allow players to try out new builds and get familiar with their hero choice while learning more about their lore.

Old maps, new routes

Overwatch 2’s new maps may be the center of attention at the beginning. The older maps in the game will also be getting a few updates that’ll make them more exciting to play after years of service. The existing maps in Overwatch will be shaken up with new routes, making them feel good as new.

Dynamic weather

While playing through hero missions, you may notice the weather changing. This is a new feature that gives Overwatch a more vibrant feeling.

Tougher weather conditions will also allow some heroes to stand out since visual abilities will become more valuable in such situations.

PvE talents and passive abilities

When PvE was first announced for Overwatch 2, most players thought of it as a run and gun simulation. There will be a lot more to it, however, and players will need to craft their strategies carefully to be able to sail through the whole campaign smoothly.

PvE talents and passive abilities will be the biggest difference-makers when it comes to this, giving heroes more to do in the game.

New visuals & sound effects

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 will make its debut with improved visuals and sound effects. These new improvements will allow the franchise to keep up with the times while also giving the game a more realistic touch.

Gun sounds, for example, will be slightly different based on your location. If you’re shooting in a close room, you may hear a slight echo that won’t be there as you’re battling outside.

Assault mode removed

Assault has always been a controversial topic in the Overwatch community. Some players tolerated it while others despised it. Overwatch 2 will be removing the Assault maps from the competitive mode, marking an end of an era.