Overwatch streamers to watch during Bastion’s Brick Challenge

Watch more, earn rewards. Here's the full list of participating streamers for the challenge.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Build up rewards by supporting the Overwatch community this month during Bastion’s Brick Challenge. During the event, fans can earn a legendary Bastion skin by winning Overwatch games, but even more rewards can be earned by watching partnered streamers through Sept. 30.

For every Overwatch challenge, the game has partnered with popular streamers in the community to encourage fans to support the community. Fans can earn seven exclusive character sprays in Overwatch by watching any of the partnered streams from Sept. 17 to 30. These sprays show popular Overwatch heroes imagined as Lego figurines.

The latest round of partnered streamers includes a diverse set of Overwatch players, from a former Overwatch World Cup Team Thailand player to the winner of a Twitch Rivals tournament. Specific dates for partnered streamers are listed in the official announcement, but watching these streams at any point until Sept. 30 will unlock rewards.

ValkiaSept. 17 (1pm CT to 9pm CT)twitch.tv/valkia
BrickinNickSept. 18 (1pm CT to 7pm CT)twitch.tv/brickinnick
GrantSept. 19 (1am CT to 1pm CT)twitch.tv/granthinds
ZondalolSept. 20 (1am CT to 7am CT)twitch.tv/zondalol
LeeTaeJunSept. 21twitch.tv/dlxowns45
WantedOWSept. 22 (8am CT to 2pm CT)twitch.tv/wantedow
DaniikillsSept. 23 (9pm CT to 12am CT)twitch.tv/daniikills
LarihmageSept. 24 (2pm CT to 8pm CT)twitch.tv/larihmage
YongBongTangSept. 25twitch.tv/itopicy
Drth7Sept. 26 (11pm CT to 3am CT)twitch.tv/drth7
PpatiphanSept. 27 (8am CT to 10am CT)twitch.tv/ppatiphan
T_SvenSept. 28 (7am CT to 2pm CT)twitch.tv/t_sven
FennerSept. 29 (8am CT to 8pm CT)twitch.tv/danielfenner
Tyr0dinSept. 30 (10pm CT to 2am CT)twitch.tv/tyr0din

To earn in-game Overwatch rewards, your Blizzard account must be linked with your Twitch account. For every two hours of streams you watch, you’ll unlock exclusive sprays up to six hours of viewing time. This promotion lasts until Sept. 30.