Overwatch streamer Harbleu uses Hammond to knock enemies off payload while spinning

It’s always a good day for a Wrecking Ball clutch.

High Roller Hammond. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.
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Wrecking Ball clutches are one of the most entertaining events in Overwatch and streamer Anthony “harbleu” Ballo pulled one off on camera last night. The player was able to knock three enemies off the payload in overtime to give his team a victory.

The enemy team was on top of the payload and had to carry it less than two meters to advance to the next part of the map. Harbleu dove in single-handedly and bumped an enemy Ana off the payload. A Reinhardt swung his hammer into the streamer repeatedly, but it had little impact.

After the initial Piledriver, he latched onto the end of the payload and swung in a circle around it. The move forced Ana to retreat to the fountain, leaving her outside of the payload’s range.

After bumping into the enemy Reinhardt while moving in a circle, Harbleu found the unlikely (and certainly accidental) help of the enemy Pharah, who fired a concussive blast and reversed Wrecking Ball’s trajectory—sending the tank straight into an enemy Reinhardt. Between the collision and the surprise, the Reinhardt tried to charge at Harbleu but missed. The ruckus he created was enough to push the attackers outside of the payload’s range and burn through overtime, granting his team a 3-0 victory.

Harbleu shines on Wrecking Ball. The streamer previously used the character to Piledrive his way into an enemy team during the Breaking Barriers tournament held last year. He quickly took care of most enemies, coupled with a nano boost and his ultimate.