Harbleu sweeps enemies with nano Wrecking Ball in Overwatch tournament

Team Kill!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball is a high-mobility tank used to wreak havoc in the enemy lines and quickly disengage when necessary. Streamer Anthony “harbleu” Ballo used all the hero’s potential to blitzkrieg his opponents and get a team kill on stream.

The enemy team was holed up in the building near the first point in Volskaya Industries, packed tightly inside Baptiste’s Immortality Field.

“If you can hack their lamp, I can mine them and their mega and just kill everybody”, he told Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre, who was playing Sombra. “Lamp” is how some players call Baptiste’s Immortality Field.

Harbleu received a nano boost from Ana and dove in the middle of the pack. He used the Grappling Hook to destroy the lamp, then used Piledriver on top of the enemy squad. The impact took down two heroes and scattered the rest. To finish the offense, Harbleu used Wrecking Ball’s minefield. His team pushed forward and made short work of their adversaries, but not before Harbleu melted Orisa with a spray of headshots.

The play happened as part of the Breakable Barriers North America tournament. The competition was organized by Blizzard to celebrate Overwatch‘s Patch 1.43, which nerfed shields’ efficiency. It featured prominent streamers and community figures like Harbleu, Kephrii, and Ted “Silkthread” Wang. Jacob “Jake” Lyon and Scott “Custa” Kennedy, who retired from pro play to join the Overwatch League’s casting staff, also participated in the competition.

Harbleu played this year’s Overwatch Contenders with Chicken Contendies. GRUNTo Esports acquired the team in June, but Harbleu quit the squad the following month. Previously, he played a series of tournaments in the early days of competitive Overwatch.