Overwatch streamer finds powerful Junker Queen knife recall and ax swing combo trick

That's some neat trick.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch streamer Fitzyhere has figured out the timing needed to perfectly combo Junker Queen’s Jagged Blade recall into her destructive Carnage attack in Overwatch 2.

One of Junker Queen’s primary abilities is her Jagged Blade, a throwable knife that embeds itself in enemies and afflicts them with wounds that deal damage over time. After a short delay, the knife will recall itself to Junker Queen automatically, pulling the enemy it was embedded in closer to her. The recall can also be triggered manually.

The key to combo-ing the recall into a Carnage attack is to wait for the automatic recall rather than recalling manually. Fitzyhere demonstrated that if you start your Carnage attack right when the recall circle completes, it should pull the enemy right into your vicinity when you swing your weapon.

Manually recalling the Jagged Knife doesn’t work. If you try and initiate Carnage before manually recalling the knife, it cancels the Carnage animation. There’s also a delay when you try and start Carnage after manually recalling, giving the opponent plenty of time to move out of the way or deal a ton of damage before the Carnage attack hits them.

The auto recall into Carnage combo may be a little harder to perfect during a match since you’ll have to keep an eye on the recall circle icon next to your abilities. Additionally, most enemies will likely try to distance themselves from Junker Queen after getting knifed to avoid getting pulled into her. But if the combo works, it should unleash a massive amount of damage that will likely devastate squishy DPS or support heroes.

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