Overwatch pros react to the new Hero Pool system coming to the league

People had mixed feelings about the addition of Hero Pools to the pro scene.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment
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Since Blizzard Entertainment announced the addition of Hero Pools to the Overwatch League yesterday, many people in the community have voiced arguments for and against the new system. Several pros and analysts thought the new system was good for variety, while others had problems with the small time window that teams have to prepare.

Guangzhou Charge’s Alberto “neptuNo” González, for example, said that Hero Pools will help players “learn how to adapt faster and learn the game fundamentally, and be more versatile.” He also thinks it’ll allow certain players to get more playing time depending on which Hero Pool is available.

Flexibility will be the name of the game this season—the team with the more versatile players could be extremely successful. But Star DPS player Lane “Surefour” Roberts also said that these changes won’t change who the best teams are because those rosters have “confidence in their play and trust between their teammates.”

This makes sense because the strongest rosters should be able to play almost any composition if they trust their teammates to play at the highest level, no matter what heroes they have.

Not everyone is happy about the changes to the pro scene, however. Atlanta Reign’s Petja “Masaa” Kantanen wasn’t too keen on Hero Pools due to the amount of “cheese strats” that some teams will pull out thanks to the small amount of practice time available after Hero Pools are chosen. This will also add a ton of stress to both players and coaches since they now have to worry about building compositions while traveling to different locations.

The Overwatch League begins on Saturday, Feb. 8.