Overwatch player discovers visual bug on Roadhog

The glitch has reportedly been in the game for two months.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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A player encountered a weird visual bug on Overwatch hero Roadhog earlier today.

In a game on the map Busan, a teammate of his dodged the hook of Roadhog and encountered a visual bug where his hook appeared everywhere around Roadhog on the map.

It didn’t have a big impact on the game, but it hid a part of the screen and prevented the player from seeing the enemies behind it.

This visual glitch dates back several months. Two other Reddit users reported the same bug one and two months ago. Each time, the enemy Roadhog used his hook and it multiplied all around him, regardless of the map.

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Both teams can see the bug, so it affects everyone in the same way. The glitch might have been introduced to the game with the Dec. 10 patch, which launched the Winter Wonderland event and some balancing changes.

Roadhog didn’t receive changes aside from bug fixes involving ability interactions with vending machines and other items on the maps, as well as enabling his hook to damage turrets and barriers.

This glitch may be corrected in the next patch that hits the live servers. It’ll bring a controversial nerf to Doomfist, as well as Mei and Baptiste. It’ll also buff D.Va after she received several hard nerfs last year. The patch is under testing on the PTR and is expected to hit the live servers before the launch of the Overwatch League on Feb. 8, since the matches will be played on this patch.