Overwatch player creates new D.Va Racing game mode in Workshop

Zoom around with your fellow mech racers.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Racing fans, get ready for an Overwatch game mode that’s right down your alley. DarwinStreams, a well-known Workshop game mode creator, has made a racing game type that should quench your competitive thirst, at least for a little while.

The game mode places each player in the mech of D.Va, everyone’s favorite gamer girl and tank hero. They’re then set up on familiar maps like Lijiang Tower or Horizon Lunar Colony where various checkpoints are scattered across the map. With unlimited boost, players race each other across the sky to see who will be the fastest mech racer.

The race course on Lijiang Tower is really nice because the checkpoints are scattered around the city skyline below the map, which gives players a unique perspective of areas that weren’t visible before. Zipping around the skyscrapers and bright lights makes for a unique experience.

Additionally, players can make their own race courses on any map they want. Darwin has set it so any budding Workshop user can place checkpoints around the map for their own unique tracks.

You could even be zooming across the skies in style with D.Va’s upcoming skin, Academy D.Va. The skin should release alongside Overwatch‘s Anniversary event, which will begin on Tuesday, May 21. Go ahead and try out this new game mode with the code: BD9WP.