Overwatch: New Blood’s second comic issue drops

That screaming you hear is Pharah fans excited about getting new content.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

For most of its existence in lore, Overwatch has been anchored by the old guard of Soldier: 76, Ana Amari, and pre-Reaper Commander Reyes. When a new crisis comes around and those pieces are missing, Cole Cassidy has to step up and assemble his own updated Overwatch roster.   

The New Blood digital comic series, penned by Ray Fawkes and illustrated by Irene Koh, is a five-part exploration of Cassidy’s journey to bridge the gap between Overwatch’s past and its unknown future. Volume two hit digital bookshelves on Dec. 14. 

In the first volume, Cassidy headed to Egypt after receiving a mysterious note. When he arrives, he’s met by Ana, who guides him through winding streets against a Talon onslaught. She also puts her belief in him to rebuild an Overwatch team that surpasses the organization’s past mistakes. 

Cassidy, who saw the best of the old guard as a young man on the original Overwatch squad and also witnessed its implosion, agrees to carry on the team’s legacy in a new, better way. 

He doesn’t have to go far. In issue two, Cassidy reunites with Ana’s daughter Fareeha—better known to Overwatch fans as Pharah—in Cairo. She’s been spending her time as a part of Helix, a security organization, but Cassidy arrives with a special guest to sell her on joining Overwatch.  

An emotional reunion turns into chaos, but it helps clear some of the questions surrounding Fareeha’s decision. The full issue of New Blood, as well as a hint about who Cassidy will be tracking down in issue three, can be found in the Overwatch Media center.