Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge is now live in Overwatch

Catch up with the cowboy’s adventures and earn a new Epic skin.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Even if most of America turned the clocks back this weekend, it’s still high noon somewhere. 

Overwatch’s newest character-based event, Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge, is now live on all platforms and will run from Nov. 9 to 23. Players can earn an Epic skin for the cowboy and learn more about his adventures in a new digital comic series aligned with the event. 

The comic, Overwatch: New Blood, will follow Cassidy as he seeks out new heroes to join Overwatch’s forces. The first issue of the five-part digital series, penned by Ray Fawkes and illustrated by Irene Koh, is now available to coincide with the New Blood Challenge. 

While the new comic series will offer Overwatch lore fans have been craving, it’s unknown whether the story will address the origin of the cowboy’s new name, Cole Cassidy.  

To earn Cassidy’s fancy new skin, players must rack up 27 “points” by playing or winning games of Overwatch in quick play, arcade, or competitive mode. Wins count for two points. At nine points, players earn a new icon to use on their profiles. At 18 points, players get a new spray. And at the 27-point mark, an Epic skin is unlocked. 

Sandstorm Cassidy, the event’s skin, gives the cowboy an all-tan outfit that would perfectly camouflage him in any desert locale. His poncho is decorated in an intricate pattern and even his metallic parts have been reskinned in a desert-toned alloy. 

Overwatch players can earn additional sprays by watching any streamers on Twitch broadcasting the game throughout the event’s duration. Every two hours of viewing, up to six hours, will unlock more in-game sprays to use. 

Play and watch Overwatch from Nov. 9 to 23 to earn all the available rewards.