Why wait for Overwatch’s Nerf guns? Just make your own Tracer-inspired airsoft pistol

Two creators break down how to make your own airsoft weapon.

Screengrab via Danger Doc

Everyone’s super excited for Blizzard and Hasbro’s upcoming Nerf Overwatch collection. But why wait? Just build your own Tracer-inspired airsoft pistol.

Just kidding—the average among us probably doesn’t have the skill to put together a working airsoft pistol in their free time, but we can still admire those who can. Creator Danger Doc uploaded a “How to” video to YouTube earlier this month, detailing the steps to create a Tracer airsoft pistol.

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Danger Doc set out with one goal in mind—to create an accurate, working replica of Tracer’s pistol. From there, he drew out a design and blueprints for the pistol. It’s both mechanical and electronic, all explained throughout the 23 minute video. Danger Doc used a firing mechanism he bought with a high-capacity magazine, paired with a ton of custom parts, to get the pistol working. With LEDs planted all around the weapon, it looks like something straight out of Overwatch.

The only Nerf replica Blizzard has confirmed is Reaper’s Hellfire shotgun, which will be able to shoot Overwatch-themed Nerf balls up to 90 feet. More weapons are expected in the line of Overwatch Nerf replicas, but we’ve got no confirmation of any other hero guns.

As the poster girl for Overwatch, Tracer seems a likely candidate for a Nerf pistol replica, but that’s just speculation for now. Until then, we’ll just have to put together our own—or watch videos of others doing the work for us.