Blizzard targets Baptiste, Lúcio in latest Overwatch patch

Competitive No Limits incoming.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard posted the latest patch notes for Overwatch today, including the release of the new limited-time Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge

Along with a few minor feature and character tuning updates, Blizzard is letting players earn a handful of rewards, such as a new Symmetra skin. The Marammat Symmetra skin is only winnable through the new challenge until the end of the month. 

Additionally, the developers have added in the first season of a “No Limits” competitive mode that will allow players to climb a ranking later with no hero selection restrictions whatsoever. 

While there weren’t too many significant changes made to heroes in today’s patch, it’s worth noting that none of the changes made in Overwatch’s experimental patch from last week were added to the game.

Here are the patch notes from today’s Overwatch update.

Hero changes


  • Amplification Matrix – Width increased from five meters to nine.


  • Wall Ride – By default, Lúcio will now perform his Wall Jump boost immediately upon releasing Jump to leave the wall, instead of requiring a second Jump press immediately after leaving the wall. The setting will be on Lucio’s settings page.
  • While using the new setting, Lúcio can cancel wall rides by pressing Crouch, which will not trigger the automatic jump.
    • When using the “Wall Jump on Release” option, after crouching, releasing jump within 0.2 seconds will provide a jump boost (Jump release timing is consistent with pre-existing live server Jump re-press timing).


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