Overwatch LEGO sets could be revealed this week

LEGO is expected to be on-hand at an Overwatch event held in South Korea.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s a big week for Overwatch fans. At gamescom 2018 in Germany, Blizzard will reveal a new animated short on Aug. 22. That same day the Overwatch developer will be at a fan event in Seoul, South Korea, likely with new goodies to share.

The Overwatch fan event in Seoul is scheduled for Aug. 22 and 23 at the YES24 LIVEHALL in the Gwangjin-gu area of Seoul. It’ll also be streamed onlineOverwatch game developer Jeff Kaplan, game producer Matthew Hawley, general designer Scott Mercer, concept artist David Kwang, and project director Ben Dai will all be present at the event, according to a post on the Korean Overwatch site.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment | Aug. 22 schedule

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According to a schedule posted to the Overwatch website, LEGO, Good Smile Company, and Hasbro will all be on-hand at the event. There isn’t much information about what exactly will be showcased at the fan event. There is speculation that LEGO will be there with its new Overwatch brick kits, scheduled for release in 2019. Blizzard and LEGO recently put up its LEGO sub-site, indicating that the release could be coming soon.

Likewise, Hasbro could have its Nerf Rival blasters available for fans to peek at. So far, Blizzard and Hasbro have shown off designs for D.Va’s blaster and Reaper’s Hellfire shotgun replicas.

It’s also worth noting that the South Korean fan event lines up pretty well with Blizzard’s appearance at gamescom 2018 in Germany. It’s possible that Blizzard will have the same gear shown off at both events.

The Overwatch fan event is scheduled to begin Aug. 22 at 3am CT. Blizzard’s presentation at gamescom 2018 will begin shortly after, at 3:30am CT. The Overwatch stuff in Germany begins at 4:15am CT.