Overwatch League teams add new “hashflags” to Twitter

A Twitter bot is revealing the best and worst taglines for the 2020 season.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment
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Some Overwatch League teams are likely regretting how far technology on social media has advanced today.

The 2020 Overwatch League season starts in just over a month and numerous teams are adding new “hashflags” on Twitter. Hashflags are Twitter hashtags that include a picture, like the team’s logo. One bot account is revealing the new hashflags as they’re added to Twitter—and a few of them are questionable at best. 

The Twitter bot account “Hashflag Archive” brings followers the latest hashflags uploaded to the social media site. At approximately 1pm CT, Overwatch League tags began appearing on the account. Each Overwatch League team has at least one hashflag that includes a tagline for the team and the team’s logo. For example, #AcesHigh for the London Spitfire was the first hashflag to appear on the account.

Many additions are just a refresh of hashflags teams have used in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Dallas Fuel’s #BurnBlue and the Houston Outlaws’ #AnteUp appeared after the Spitfire’s hashflag. An updated version of the Florida Mayhem’s hashflag, #BringTheMayhem,” appeared with their updated pink and blue color scheme

After a few existing hashflags were updated, new hashflags started appearing on the account. The Toronto Defiant is apparently adopting the phrase #DefiantForever. The Philadelphia Fusion are confident with a hashflag named #FusionCarry. After a tough 2019 season, the Washington Justice are ready to succeed with the tag #JusticeFighting

Some hashflag updates are expected, like #ReignAtHome for the Atlanta Reign, a tag they previously used for their 2019 homestand games. Other updates are cheeky improvements for various teams. The Florida Mayhem also adopted #LightItUp to celebrate their new color scheme and the Dallas Fuel is daring teams to #PlayWithFire.

A few hashflag additions are questionable at best. The Guangzhou Charge, which uses the hashflag #FeelTheCharge, has also adopted #PressW as a hashflag. This is a common phrase used in Overwatch games to motivate a team to be aggressive, only hitting the forward movement key. While it’s obvious to hardcore players, most people are going to be staring at their keyboards for no reason. 

The tags for fan groups also ended up being a mixed bag. The Seoul Dynasty is starting the #TigerNation with a bonus cute paw emoji. The Los Angeles Gladiators, long known for their #ShieldsUp motto, are also adopting #Frontline for their fan group. Philadelphia is back at it again with the #PhillyPower hashflag, referencing either their nuclear power name or the fact that their fan base is ready to riot.  

Most teams will likely officially announce their new hashflags before the Overwatch League season begins on Feb. 8.