All 312 Overwatch League skins will go live today

An exact time hasn't been announced yet.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League skins are expected to go live today—one day before the Overwatch League is scheduled to begin—according to Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer.

Team-branded jersey skins were announced on Dec. 4. Home team skins, which are the more colorful variation, will be available for purchase ahead of the Overwatch League. All 26 Overwatch heroes will have a jersey for each of the 12 Overwatch League teams, meaning there’s at least 312 skins to kick off the season.

Players will receive one Overwatch League skin for free, but any other skins will need to be purchased. Skins will cost 100 Overwatch League tokens (a new currency specifically for Overwatch League skins), Nanzer told Mail Esports. The tokens will be available in bundles, Nanzer added. The more tokens players buy, the cheaper the tokens become.

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Fifty percent of revenue from the skins will go to a “net shared revenue pool” for all 12 Overwatch League teams, Blizzard confirmed to Dot Esports in December. It’s the same percentage that will be added to the pool from other merchandise items.

Blizzard has no plans to add Overwatch League skins to the game’s loot boxes.

“We want to make sure that players can directly support their favorite Overwatch League teams, which is exactly what our league token system allows us to do,” Blizzard said. “In addition to ensuring that all proceeds from your league-related purchases are properly shared with our 12 inaugural season teams, this system also makes it easier for fans to rep the teams they love on the heroes they prefer.”

The Overwatch League is scheduled to begin Jan. 10 at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles.

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