Overwatch League reveals details for the upcoming All-Star Weekend

Check out the game modes your all-stars will do battle in.

All-Star Details

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On Wednesday, May 15, the Overwatch League will be kicking off its All-Star festivities, where fans at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California will get to watch their favorite pro players duke it out for two fun-filled days.

Blizzard has already revealed the starters for both the Pacific and Atlantic Divisions, and they’re equally stacked with talent. It should be an exciting weekend for both the players and viewers alike, so let’s take a look at what game modes the pros will be facing each other in.

The format is as follows:

  • Sibling Rivalry: Six-vs-six. Three Genjis and three Hanzos per team on Hanamura.
  • Healers Never Die: Six-vs-six. Supports only with a one hero limit on Nepal.
  • Terrible, Terrible Damage: Six-vs-six. Damage only heroes with a one hero limit on Hollywood.
  • Keeping the Peace: Six-vs-six. McCree only on Route 66.
  • Thanks, but No Tanks: Six-vs-six. No tanks with a one hero limit on Blizzard World.

The Talent Takedown is also returning to the All-Star Event. But this time, the all-stars will be playing alongside the talent. The coaches will pair up an all-star with a talent personality, and each team should have three all-stars and three talents. The format for the Talent Takedown is as follows:

  • Three-map set with six-vs-six lockout elimination, escort, and control.
  • Rules: Standard six-vs-six competitive settings with no kill cam.
  • Maps: The first map will be preset and the losing team picks the next one from the map pool for that game type.

We’ll also be treated to the always-exciting Widowmaker one-vs-one tournament, which pits the best four players from each division against each other. The rules are simple—headshots only, first to nine kills wins. Players can’t use assault rifle fire and enemies will be revealed after 60 seconds.

Finally, the All-Star main event will have the eight Atlantic and Pacific all-stars play against each other in a best-of-four series with standard competitive rules. All 18 players must play at least one map during the series.