Overwatch is $12 as part of October’s Humble Bundle subscription

There's $100 worth of games in there.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is at its cheapest price yet as part of Humble Bundle’s October subscription program. Humble Monthly subscribers will get Overwatch for $12 as part of the October round-up, with more mystery games unlocking on Oct. 5.

Humble Monthly says it’s offering up at least $100 worth of games for the $12 price in October. Anyone interested in snagging this deal has until Oct. 5. Subscribers that stay with Humble Monthly for November and December will get a free loot box for each month. The loot boxes aren’t much of a draw themselves—$12 is pricey for a loot box, let alone a regular one—but on top of a bunch of other games, it’s a great deal. In September, for instance, Humble Monthly gave alway $222 worth of games, including Battle Chef Brigade, Little Nightmares, and DarkSiders II.

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The other games included in the October bundle won’t be revealed until Oct. 5, but Overwatch for $12 is a deal that can stand on its own. Overwatch is playable as soon as the deal is purchased—you don’t have to wait until Oct. 5 for that one.

The Humble Monthly subscription also gives subscribers 10 percent off Humble Bundle store purchases, with five percent of the subscription price donated to charity. Subscribers can cancel at anytime.

Other deals are offered on the site. For even cheaper games, Humble Monthly offers options to subscribe for three, six, and 12 months at a time, with the price as low as $11 a month (or $132 a year) for the 12 month subscription.