Twitch is giving out another golden Overwatch loot box

A legendary-ranked item is in every box.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Starting today, Twitch Prime subscribers can unlock a golden Overwatch loot box guaranteeing at least one legendary-ranked cosmetic item. Players have until Oct. 8 to redeem the golden loot box.

Previously, Twitch was offering two Wrecking Ball loot boxes to Overwatch players, but the offer has since expired. Another golden loot box will be available for Twitch Prime’s Overwatch players later in October. The golden loot boxes contain at least one legendary-grade item, which is a pretty big deal in Overwatch; regular loot boxes only offer at least one item of rare or higher quality, but it often feels like they’re stuffed with sprays.

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Overwatch players with Twitch Prime accounts need to link their accounts and then get a code from Twitch to redeem. The loot box will automatically appear in Overwatch next time you log in. Only one loot box is available per account. If for some reason you have multiple Twitch Prime accounts, you won’t be able to redeem more than one loot box with each offer.

Codes expire after three months. For those who haven’t linked their accounts, you can find instructions online.  If you don’t have Twitch Prime, you’ll have to sign up to get the free loot box. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

Blizzard is also running a promotion, D.Va’s Nano-Cola Challenge, that awards Overwatch players new sprays and an epic-ranked skin for winning Overwatch matches. Nothing is required aside from owning the game and getting some wins, if that’s more your speed.

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